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The Stinky Universe blog
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Dominion - the novel
Reading the titles of some of these magazines that have published Doug Hewitt is a blast from the past.
Slated for publication in November 2016, this novel is fast approaching.
Speak! Come back later. Under construction.
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About Doug Hewitt
Well, truthfully, the universe is quite stinky. First, we all die. There’s pain, death, suffering, injustice, and that’s not to mention all the little trifles we suffer through.However, as Captain Kirk said in Star Trek (insert correct number here, lol) “I need my pain!” Carl Jung would agree. We cannot ascend to a higher level of consciousness without the pain caused by living in this stinky universe. And so, in this sense, stinky universe becomes a term of endearment.
Curious about science fiction and psychology? Read my blog.

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Dominion is Doug Hewitt's eighth novel. His past is varied. USMC. League leading running back in college football. Writes service manuals for heart-lung machines. Has jumped out of an airplane.
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