Process Map of Consciousness

The Standard Model of Consciousness can be represented as a diagram, or “map.” All processes can be represented as a map, and consciousness is a process.

Like the Standard Model of Physics, this is a model. It fits the evidence. Beyond that, no claim is made.

The distinction here is that multiple processes can be taking place at the same time. For example, the subconscious is always at work and acts independently of our desires/urges (ego) and our “enlightened selves” (or superego).

The joystick is the control of our body, our actions. Sometimes the subconscious and ego conspire and our bodies do actions that our enlightened selves know we shouldn’t do. This is how people often act against their own best interests.Example: When we “take a step back and look at ourselves,” who are we looking at? The back room is where our superegos go, and they’re looking at what the ego (sometimes at the behest of the subconscious) is doing. It’s not that our enlightened selves are unaware of what we’re doing. It’s just that ego tricks us and we say to ourselves, “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”